Here at Teachitright, we want to help support both the child and parents through their 11+ journey.

TEACHITRIGHT is one of the most successful 11+ tuition companies in the South-East and Midlands. In the last 10 years we’ve supported thousands of pupils for both grammar school and independent school entry.

We have 11 tuition centres across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Teachitright helps children gain confidence in answering questions and teaches them the techniques required to pass their exams. All children who follow our courses are fully prepared and able to perform to the best of their potential.

In 2011, we first published 11+ material with GL assessment and since then, we have worked with Galore Park (2015/2016). We are now proudly working alongside one of the country’s leading publishers of 11+ material, the University of Buckingham Press to create our own full range of 11+ resources, with the first books available now.

Here at Teachitright we want to help support both the children and parents through their 11+ journey. Click on the above buttons to find out about our unique 11+ courses.

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