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Teachitirght runs English and Maths Year 6 courses at our Study Centre located in Camberley. During these classes we will be supporting year 6 children with KS2 English and maths which will also include SAT’s preparation.

In 2016, the Government made some changes to the way that Key Stage 2 SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) were taught and assessed. A year later, and the new SATs are now in full swing.

The aim of the new Key Stage 2 SATs are to ensure a fairer and more advanced way of assessing pupils. It was thought that the previous SATs were too easy, and that the exams needed to be modified in order to assess children to a higher standard. The purpose of the new and revised SATs is to ensure these tests remain rigorous and therefore, proving to be of a much higher standard to previous SATs. Ultimately, your child’s scores in their SATs will be used in conjunction with classroom assessments, in order to provide a general overview of a child’s attainment and progression during that academic year.

Teachitright have produced a set of plans which will cover all the different areas of the SATs exams and will build up the necessary skills and confidence levels to achieve excellent results in the exams towards the end of year 6 (May).

What does the Key Stage 2 SATs paper cover?

At the end of Year 6, children sit tests in:

  • Maths – The children will sit three papers, one in arithmetic and two in reasoning
  • Reading – One paper which includes three passages of text
  • English spelling, punctuation and grammar – This consists of two parts, a grammar and punctuation paper and an aural spelling test of 20 words
  • Science (sampling test every other year)

The papers are set and marked externally to help measure the school’s performance as well as your child’s.

How can Teachitright support your child with their SATs tests?

The course will help with:

  • Building confidence
  • Exam technique including time management
  • Familiarisation with the vocabulary e.g. determiners & adverbial phrases
  • Concentrating on individual development needs

We will be holding English & Maths (including SATs preparation) classes at the following location from January 2021:

Where? Camberley Study Centre in Surrey.

When? January 2022 to July 2021

Friday 4.30pm – 6.30pm at Teachitright Study Centre, Camberley, GU15 3YX

If you are interested in enrolling your child on our English & Maths course please contact us 01276 479036.

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