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Teachitright provides support for the CEM & GL style 11+ exam system in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

We have different centres across three counties Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Our small group sizes allow us to identify each child’s needs and build confidence around the areas of development. Every 5th week of a six-week block Teachitright carries out an assessment on what has already been taught to check progress has been made. Regular feedback is given to ensure parents and pupils are made aware of the next steps.

CEM – The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University. More information about CEM can be found here www.cem.org


Two years ago Buckinghamshire Grammar schools announced that GL assessment will be providing the tests taken in September ongoing. There will be two papers, each comprising verbal, non-verbal and mathematics. To read the press release please visit the website below:


In Buckinghamshire as with the current test there will also be a practice test which children will sit two days before they sit the real test.

GL assessment
GL assessment has over 35 years’ experience and expertise in developing assessments for UK schools including secondary selection testing. GL was the previous provider of selection testing for Buckinghamshire. Teachitright has a vast knowledge of GL assessment and in 2011 our very own Chris Pearse wrote a book as part of the ‘11+ Explained series’ with GL assessment. Most Granada Learning exams are 45 – 50 minutes and questions are normally multiple choice format, however some authorities use a written answer format for verbal and maths tests. Questions are drawn from a large bank but these are a set of number of question types and styles.

Probably the biggest change is that the papers are no longer completely mixed; now the first paper will assess verbal skills only, incorporating VR, comprehension and SPAG (this has 50% weighting in the final marks) and the second paper will assess mathematical and non-verbal skills only (these are now weighted at 25% each).

Berkshire & Buckinghamshire exam details.

The registration window for the 11+ entrance exam in Berkshire & Buckinghamshire will open 1st May 2019.

The CLOSING DATE for submission of registration to the Slough Consortium, Reading Boys and Kendrick is 14th June 2019 (midnight).

On 1st May at 3pm the registration portal will open for parents of children who do not attend a Buckinghamshire LA Primary school to register for the Secondary transfer test. If your child attends a Buckinghamshire LA school, you will not need to register them for the Secondary Transfer Test, as they are registered automatically. However, if you do not want them to be tested, you should let the school know nearer the time.

27th June 2019 – DEADLINE Secondary School Transfer test registration closes.

Examination Dates:

Test dates for Berkshire 11+ 2019:

-14th September 2019

Test dates for Buckinghamshire 11+ 2019:

-10th September – Preparation Test

-12th September – Secondary transfer Test

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