Q. Online Yr 5 GL Mock Exam D: 5th September 2020


11+ GL Assessment online mock exam

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Teachitright is holding online GL mock exams during the summer break. They provide an excellent opportunity for students to practise a realistic GL paper under strict exam conditions.

  • The mock exams allow pupils the chance to experience the timings of a real authentic test.
  • The mock exam papers are sent before the test date in the post, along with a self addressed envelope for the return of the multiple-choice sheets. All students sit and take the exam at the same time online.
  • Detailed videos are produced to support students in the review of the tests at home.
  • Our mock exams will be marked using an optical reader to provide an accurate marking system and comprehensive reports will be emailed within 14 days.
  • To help support pupils further we are offering a ‘Student Exam Technique workshop’ over zoom. This will be available on a couple of different days during the summer period and you can choose which event you would like to come along to. It will be an hour long.

Throughout the academic year Teachitright is holding multiple mock exams named A-E. Each paper is different so please ensure you are booking each exam letter only once.

Date: Saturday 5th September 2020

Location: Online

Start time: Registration at 8:45 am

Finish time: 11:30 am

** Please note that once the event has been booked there is no altering or cancelling the booking.


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