1 FREE Vocabulary Quiz: 1st July 2022


FREE Vocabulary Quiz: 1st July 2022, 6.30pm

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Come and join us for a FREE vocabulary quiz to understand what the summer sessions will be like!


Throughout the month of August Teachitright will be running online vocabulary quizzes to help build students 11+ vocabulary in preparation for their exams in September.

Vocabulary is vital for the 11+ and these sessions will expose students to over 200 words each day and will be a fun and engaging way to revise and build their word knowledge. Even if the 11+ is not your end game these sessions will be useful for all KS2 students.

Why book a vocabulary quiz?

  • Engaging, fun & interactive daily revision
  • Exposed to over 200 words a day
  • Antonym, Synonym, Odd One Out and many more questions types will be reviewed over the course of August
  • Online sessions for everyone from any location – even when you are on holiday!
  • 9.30 morning session so afterwards you can continue with your summer holiday activities
  • Taken by a fully qualified teacher
  • Sessions available from £4* with coupon code TIRQUIZ

All students will need access to another electronic device (tablet/phone/computer) in order to be able to access the safe quiz environment.

Day: 1st July 2022

Time: 6;30pm


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