B. Windsor Yr 5 CEM Mock Exam: 17th April 2021 AM


11+ CEM mock exam at Trevelyan Middle School, Windsor.

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Teachitright is holding CEM mock exams during the Easter break. They provide the perfect opportunity for students to practise a realistic CEM paper under strict exam conditions.

All papers will be marked with an optical reader and sent back within 48 hours with a detailed report. A video will be provided with all the answers and the children will be able to take away a copy of the question paper on the day. 

The locations are in large school halls which recreate a similar environment to the actual 11+ exam day. Our qualified teachers will ensure all papers are invigilated accurately.

Throughout the academic year Teachitright will be holding multiple mock exams named A-G. Each paper is different so please ensure you are booking each exam letter only once.

Date: Saturday 17th April 2021

Location: Trevelyan Middle School, Wood Close Entrance, Windsor, SL4 3LL

Start time: Registration at 8.45am

Finish time: 11.30am

Mock Exam: CEM Paper A

Cost: £70 (£55 for Teachitright students with discount code if booked before 31st January 2021)

** Please note that once the event has been booked there is no altering or cancelling the booking.


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