Practise Interviews

Practise makes perfect

Teachitright holds practise interviews for students involved in the independent school admissions process. These provide the perfect opportunity for students to practise a realistic interview and gain valuable feedback. It is a crucial element of independent school admissions process and one the school puts emphasis on. The practise interviews help students fully understand what is expected of them on the day and to help reduce nerves and anxiety, which means their performance will improve.

There are a number of reasons why taking a practise interview with Teachitright will benefit your child:

  • They will experience real interview conditions to help reduce nerves and children will be fully aware of what to expect.
  • We provide approximately 30 mins in interview mode following the format that the interview will take.
  • We provide approximately 30 mins of feedback outlining areas to work on.
  • We supply a report with comments made during the interview and advice on how to improve their interview technique.
  • Interviews take place with people who have vast experience of the independent school interview.
  • Our practise interviews are held at a number of different locations.

We hold practise interviews at various locations for flexibility. On Saturday we can offer various times at Reading, Maidenhead and Windsor.


If you would like to book a practise interview please phone the office on 01276 479036.


The practise interviews are £50 per session (£40 for current Teachitright students)

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