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Chris Pearse

(Teachitright Managing Director & Tutor)

I am a qualified Primary School Teacher with 10 years experience. I started Teachitright in 2006 to provide support for children taking Secondary School exams. I am very passionate about helping children achieve their potential whilst enjoying education. I have co-authored the 2011 GL assessment 11+ Explained Series Verbal Reasoning book of which 8000 books have been sold to date. I have also produced a wide range of material that we use within the courses at the different centres. In 2015 I wrote three verbal reasoning books with Hodder education (part of Galore Park). These make up a huge series of books covering English, mathematics and non-verbal reasoning.

Hilary Male

(Teachitright Tutor)

I have been teaching in primary schools for over 20 years. Most of my recent experience has been working in upper key stage 2 preparing children for SATs. I have also spent several years familiarising children with verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions in readiness for the 11+ exam. I am very keen to ensure that children develop study skills alongside a love of learning which together will prepare them for the next stages in their education. I am looking forward to working with Teachitright very much.

Nick Fry

(Teachitright Tutor)

Current Headteacher at Thames Ditton Junior School in Surrey. I have been working with Teachitright since 2006 when it first started at Pippins Primary School where I was the former headmaster. Very experienced with teaching non-verbal reasoning techniques & strategies. I supported GL assessment with the writing of their 11+ Explained Series non-verbal book.

Louise Swann

(Teachitright Tutor)

I have had a very wide variety of teaching experiences in my 40 year career. I qualified as a primary teacher in 1973 specialising in KS2 during my training. My subsequent honours degree in English and Education has allowed me to teach pupils of a wide variety of ages up to A level. The majority of my experience has been in primary education where I have tried to inspire children with my love for poetry , literature and the importance of high quality spoken English. I have spent some time teaching abroad in Papua New Guinea and Nepal where I helped to compose a syllabus to teach English time medical students and had experience teaching English as a foreign language. I have taken responsibility for pastoral care in school and always try to be aware of the psychology involved in good learning. I aspire to see each child as an individual with specific needs to be recognised and fulfilled by the teacher in order that they should achieve their best potential. I am very excited to be working with Teachitright helping children to aspire to their best.

Paula Hobden

(Teachitright Tutor)

I have been a teacher since 2008, training in Maths and English as a second language. I currently work in a secondary school in Maidenhead as a supply teacher specialized in Maths and Science. My experience of working in varied environments has enabled me to create a rapport with children very quickly, allowing them to gain confidence in their own abilities and reach their full potential. Early on in the tuition process, I aim to create a safe, receptive and creative environment with my pupils. A place where they are encouraged to think for themselves and grow as individuals as well as learning the content and techniques required to pass their examinations.

Susanna Coull

(Teachitright Tutor)

Having a BSc. (Hons) Psychology (1st class), which had a special focus on child development, my interest in this area led me to take a PGCE and begin a career in teaching. I am a qualified teacher and have worked in local primary schools for the last ten years. I love English, Maths and Science and have a passion to ensure that every child is supported to reach their maximum potential. Having two children in secondary school only highlights to me the importance of succeeding at the end of key stage 2 in order to make the best possible start in year 7. This is, I believe, where extra support through Teachitright comes in and makes such a positive contribution to enabling children to achieve success.


(Teachitright Tutor)

I hold several degrees under the umbrella of both English Language and Literature. This includes a BA honours degree, in English Literature, through The University of Reading; a Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary English through Oxford Brookes University and a Postgraduate Diploma in English and Language in Education through The University of Reading. I successfully achieved a Merit for the latter qualification in December 2012. I also obtained an A Level in English Literature and Language in June 2003. Moreover, I have just completed my MA in Education through Oxford Brookes University (June 2016). My research included the study of online community learning and whether social e-learning platforms can motivate GCSE English students’ learning, outside the lesson.

Sarita Maini

(Teachitright Tutor)

I have been a qualified primary teacher for over 23 years. For most of this time I worked full time in West London schools across foundation stage, key stages one and two and also with special needs pupils. For the past four years I have worked as a freelance teacher in schools across Slough and also as a private tutor specialising primary literacy and numeracy and 11plus. I have lived in Slough for most of my life and have therefore experienced the selection system first hand myself and also with my own children. I feel that this has helped me to understand what parents and students aspire to with the 11 plus exams. I am very pleased to be working with the Teachitright team and your child at the Slough and Windsor centre.

Lesley Hughes

(Centre Manager)

I have worked in education for over twenty years, in both teaching and management roles, including as a facility manager for University of London, and as a training manager. I am also an examiner and writer for two GCSE awarding bodies. I have worked with children from 6 to 18 and particularly enjoy working with primary school children as they develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that underpin their future success. I am passionate about enabling children to reach their full potential and am excited to be on board with Teachitright and to be involved with a great team, committed to making learning accessible, achievable and fun.


(Teachitright Tutor)

I am a qualified teacher with extensive experience from Early Years to KS2 and have worked as an Assistant Head Teacher in a large primary school. For the past year I have worked as a freelance schools advisor and also as a private tutor specialising primary literacy, numeracy and 11plus.

I am an innovative and enthusiastic person with a “can do” attitude who is committed to raising standards in teaching and learning by making learning exciting and ensuring children make progress in every lesson. I am passionate about education and very much enjoy working as part of the Teachitright team.


(Teachitright Tutor)

After graduating from the University of Birmingham with a BA in English, I completed a TEFL course and also a PGCE at Brunel University. I am currently teaching in KS1 at a Buckinghamshire primary school but have experience teaching children aged 5-14 both in the UK and in South Africa. Having passed the 11+ myself and benefitted from going to a grammar school, I understand the process and the skills required in the testing. I am passionate about education and building the confidence of the children that I teach by equipping them with skills for life. I am excited to be working for Teachitright in an environment where I can help in developing the skills so that each child can reach their full potential.


(Teachitright Tutor)

I am currently working in a secondary school in Buckinghamshire teaching maths from year 7 to ‘A’ level, where I hold the position of examinations officer. I graduated from Reading University with an MSc degree in Network centred Computing and from Cardiff University with a BSc in Physics. I started teaching after completing my PGCE at the University of Swansea.  I have experience in teaching KS3, GCSE and A Level maths. I am passionate about maths and teaching. I enjoy teaching and look forward to working with the Teachitright students. I am a reliable teacher who is committed and keen to raise the standards of students studying Mathematics.


(Teachitright Tutor)

For the past five years I have been a primary school teacher in West End, Surrey, teaching Years 4,5 and 6. I have helped prepare children for the SATs, 11+ and other entrance exams; ultimately hoping to help them reach their full potential and set them on the right path for their future. Since having a baby last year, I have resumed teaching part-time and will also be tutoring with Teachitright, helping prepare their students for the 11+ examination.



(Teachitright Tutor)

I have 13 years experience of teaching in both primary and secondary education which also includes working with SEN and EAL children.  Both theses learning environments have given me a sound understanding of the different educational establishments and the journey taken by children in order to achieve their goals..

Having been through the 11+ myself in addition to tutoring both my children who then went on to study at grammar schools, I understand the process, skills required and dedication in order to succeed.  I am passionate about teaching and hope to inspire children and develop their study skills in order for them to reach their full potential and beyond.

Teachitright has a committed and professional team which I am delighted to be a part of.


(Teachitright Tutor)

I have been a primary school teacher for 24 years and still relish the opportunity to make learning a fun experience, which inspires children to develop into confident, independent learners enabling them to achieve their chosen goals.  I am currently teaching in Year 6 with specialisms in Maths and PE, however I have taught all subjects across Years 3-6.  I have been an English SATs marker for a number of years and also created my own KS2 maths games and activities pack called Edgy Maths.  I am very much looking forward to working with Teachitright and your children.


(Teachitright Tutor)

Since gaining my P.G.C.E. in 1998 I have worked in both the Public and Private sectors.  This has given me an understanding of both sectors and their differing demands.

I currently teach Year 4 at a local primary school.  I enjoy working with children in small groups as it allows me the opportunity to help them develop their skills through the 11+ system. I also enjoy being able to help them prepare for the next stage of their education. As my children have either gone through or are about to go through the 11+,  I have a unique perspective at what it is like not just as a tutor but also as a parent of child taking the 11+.

Sharon Taylan

(Teachitright Tutor)

I have been teaching in primary schools for the last 12 years and am currently in year 6. In this time, I have taught in all year groups across key stage 2 helping children prepare for Sats and 11+ both in the classroom and private tuition. I am passionate about helping children to take ownership of their learning and value the progress that they make; I also enjoy being able to make learning fun and so inspiring the children to realise their own ability to achieve their goals. Being in year 6 has helped me develop a better understanding of the pressures that tests can bring to the children and the need to help them feel confident that they are prepared and able to succeed. I very much enjoy working with Teachitright and watching your children flourish.

ACE (Accuracy, Corrections and Evaluate) Marker

Teachitright uses markers in the lessons to help give instant feedback on work completed for homework and also help identify areas which require development. The markers are also responsible for recording results on our tracking system. Our markers are bright, capable students who are superb role models for our pupils.

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