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11 plus tuition: Course structure

Teachitright is a very successful tutoring company that provides tuition for Verbal Reasoning (VR), Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR), English and numerical reasoning for 11+ grammar school exams.

We teach children in small groups to enable us to give individual support but also to allow them to work together with others. The course runs over the year in blocks of six weeks, although we do welcome children to join at any time, and offer both Year 4 and Year 5 classes.

In each block we cover off specific question types and techniques. Every 5th week the children are assessed on their progress and in week 6 we give feedback to both parents and students and discuss any misconceptions they might have. This ongoing assessment of your child allows you to understand their progress and discover their areas of development.

Before booking a course we will check which schools you are looking to sit the 11+ for and advise whether that school uses GL or CEM Assessments. As part of the Teachitright course your child will be provided with CEM or GL workbooks at the start of each six-week block, which needs to be brought along to each lesson.

The Difference Between CEM and GL

Teachitright provides support for the CEM & GL style 11+ exam system. To understand about the differences then please click here.

Why choose us?

  • Small class sizes (maximum of 10 in a class)
  • Fully qualified and experienced teachers
  • Course provides regular assessments
  • Excellent pass rates (over 80%)
  • Free parent workshops throughout the year

Over the summer period we also run summer camps and mock exam days to ensure your child is fully prepared to take their 11+ exam.

Familiarisation of the 11+ question types (VR, NVR, ENG, MA).
Building up vocabulary
Developing numerical reasoning
Learning the approaches to English comprehension
Applying time management skills
Learning how to use the multiple choice sheet
Exam Practise
Revising key areas of development
(drawn from the entire course & mock exams)
Taking the 11+ Exam (September)
Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
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Summer Revision Camps

Online CEM & GL 11+ revision camps available throughout the holidays – 3 day camp revising key question types including Maths, English, VR & NVR. Call 01276 479036 for further information.

Year 6 Independent classes starting in September 2021, call 01276 479036 for further information!

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