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Please see below the frequently asked questions on GL Assessment which are now the exam board in Buckinghamshire.

When do the changes to the Buckinghamshire 11+ apply?

From September 2018 the Secondary Transfer Tests taken by children seeking a Year 7 place in a Buckinghamshire grammar school will be produced by GL assessment. The first test from the new provider will be taken in September 2018 by children who are moving up to secondary school in September 2019. The new testing arrangements will be similar to the current arrangements.

Do GL assessment provide any familiarisation materials?

Yes, familiarisation materials for the Buckinghamshire test will continue to be made available to parents in the summer term of Year 5. In addition to this GL assessment provides free familiarisation materials on its website:

Will there be a practice test in Buckinghamshire?

Yes, they will continue to provide a practice test. The practice test will have two short papers, each approximately 35 minutes in length (about 50 minutes, including all instructions). Its purpose is to enable children to experience listening to the test instructions and also to become familiar with the look and format of the Secondary Transfer Test so that they know what to expect on the test day. This paper is not marked.

How many GL assessment papers do the students take in the 11+ exam?

As with the current arrangements, the Secondary Transfer Test will have two test papers, each approximately 45 minutes in length (about an hour, including all instructions). Both papers will be taken on the same day with a short gap in between.

What is the percentage weighting of the different 11+ subject areas?

Probably the biggest change is that the papers are no longer completely mixed; now the first paper will assess verbal skills only, incorporating VR, comprehension and SPAG (this has 50% weighting in the final marks) and the second paper will assess mathematical and non-verbal skills only (these are now weighted at 25% each).

What is the standardised scoring for the Buckinghamshire 11+?

Children will continue to need to achieve a standardised score of 121 or above in order to automatically qualify for consideration for entry to a Buckinghamshire grammar school. Grammar school places are then offered according to the individual school’s admission policy. For more information about standardisation visit:

Are there any useful websites?

Summer Revision Camps

Online CEM & GL 11+ revision camps available throughout the holidays – 3 day camp revising key question types including Maths, English, VR & NVR. Call 01276 479036 for further information.

Year 6 Independent classes starting in September 2021, call 01276 479036 for further information!

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