FREE Online Quiz

FREE online Quiz!

Teachitright is very excited to launch our NEW unique online quizzes. Questions have been written by 11+ experts with detailed explanations provided for each question. The quizzes can be retaken as many times as you like and if you score over 80% you will receive a personalised certificate to print off and have the chance to go on our Teachitright leaderboard!

The questions are:

  • levelled across beginner, intermediate, expert
  • suitable for Years 4 – 6
  • timed, with a unique countdown at the top of the quiz
  • tested with Teachitright students
  • fully marked with detailed explanations
  • certificates generated for an 80% pass rate or more

Below is a FREE intermediate ‘multiple meanings’ quiz for you to try.

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Multiple Meanings (Intermediate)

How to play: For each question, find one word from the options, which means the same as both sets of words in the brackets.

It is important the word has a dual meaning and belongs with both sets not just one. Use elimination to help you limit your choices. Good luck.

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